Off Market Deals


Miami is among the top markets for hotel occupancy in the United States and hotel valuation fundamentals are attracting institutional investors even as developers break ground on new hospitality projects.Whether you do business in South Florida or the Caribbean, we can help you find the ideal location for your new development or secure a buyer for your hotel, resort or leisure venture. Our team of hospitality real estate experts offers you range of value-added services, including valuation, feasibility studies, strategic planning, site selection and disposition strategies.

Beyond site selection and sales, I Adore Miami offers vertically integrated services that help hospitality projects hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues rise above the noise in the marketplace. Our marketing team creates strong lifestyle brands for hospitality industry players


NNN Lease


A “Triple Net Lease” (also called a “NNN Lease” or “Net-Net-Net Lease” or “Absolute Net Lease”) is a type of net lease wherein the tenant is responsible for ALL maintenance and expenses of a property (including the roof, structure, foundation, HVAC, parking lot, etc.).  Not all Net Leases are Triple Net Leases.  There are actually several types of Net Lease Investments with Triple Net being the most sought after, but not necessarily the most common. Each “N” stands for an expense category the tenant is responsible for paying. The first “N” represents property taxes, the second “N”, insurance and the last “N” represents maintenance.

A Single Tenant Triple Net Lease Investment is the best real estate avenue for generating passive income (i.e. income you don’t have to actively work for).  It’s real estate ownership that isn’t just some paper document, but it’s a physical asset you can visit and touch.  Single Tenant NNN Leases in a prominent location with a credit tenant, a strong guarantor and several years remaining on the lease term provide a low risk, hassle free real estate investment option for a property owner that wants investment grade real estate without the headaches of dealing with frequent vacancies, property managers, and maintenance issues such as leaky roofs, HVAC problems and clogged toilets. Furthermore, tenants are highly motivated to maintain and even improve the property as it’s their place of business. Your responsibility will be making sure you deposit the rent check each month.



Every piece of land has a story to tell. At IAM Commercial, proposes you a great selection of land to develop with great care for its surroundings. In this way, development can create places for people that will be cherished for generations to come and investments with growth potential and lasting value. We work principally with the development of major mixed-use developments, single-family communities, retail centers, medical facilities, hospitality and other important community features